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What Is Your Medicine?

Well, I feel horrible, just like I’m sure everyone else does. I’m drowsy and the cat is running for cover every time I sneezing (she has already been caught in the firing line – poor kitty). So I was thinking … Continue reading

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Daily Drawing: What I wore today

Just a little doodle… I’ve spent most of today scribbling and thinking things I shouldn’t while staring out the window at the snow. It’s not a day for working. x

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Daily Drawings: Power cuts are good for something.

Got into work Monday morning to find my part of the office had no power and no one felt like fixing it for 2 hours, kinda a problem when you are a graphic designer… So to fill my time I … Continue reading

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Day 3

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Sew, Draw, Paint…

Its time I got things moving again… I seem to have got stuck in my hula hoop for the past month. Not that there is a problem with that; I’ve stacked up some good tricks. But I have neglected my … Continue reading

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