Dahlia In Print…

Well Its been an exciting couple of months with more plans in the pipeline! I’ll update some of my modeling exploits next week, but for now here is some scans of a couple of magazine articles I’ve had a mention in.

Tatoo Revolution

A write-up of Forever: Art Inspired by Ink. This was an exhibition set up by Dawnii Fanta, Claire Seville and Jo Farn. I was lucky enough to be part of it displaying my paintings, modeling (my photo is top Left!) and of course my hula hooping. There is a little mention of my “extremely wiggley” antics in the article too. If you missed this event we are hoping to put another show on next year which is guaranteed to be bigger and better.


 Bizarre Body Art 4 

When Bizarre where looking for submissions I sent in photos of my tattoos and was lucky enough to get my back tattoo by Drew Romeo Printed. Maybe next year I can make cover girl… I can dream! ha

That’s all for now…


DD x


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