Tattooed Ladies

“Tattoos on a classy girl is like putting bumper stickers on a Bentley.”

-Kim Kardashian


  Really? Do you think so? I say these photos prove otherwise. Dont think about pointing out that these aren’t modern women. They were work class at the time and chose to present themselves in this way. There are plenty of modern woman who do it well, but I’ll post them another time.

Frank Howard to the right - tiny bit in love with him!


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3 Responses to Tattooed Ladies

  1. CuppySkully says:

    From one tattooed girl to another, I’m with you all the way. Cool pictures you posted here. Love them! They look beautiful. What’s so great about living a house with blank walls? I prefer to be enveloped in colors and pretty things.
    Who is that kim kar…kar..whoever her name is, anyway??

  2. littleowlski says:

    I’ve just started reading John Irving’s ‘Until I Find You’ about a female tattooist and her son. At the moment, they’re in the 1960s in Scandinavia… it made me want to look up retro tatooed women, so thanks for these pictures! I’ve only got one small tattoo (that honestly, I don’t particularly like any more). Still not sure if I could take the plunge to get a bigger one. I do like the butterfly across the chest though… Emma

  3. Creme Caramelle says:

    Tattooed Ladies are free and beautiful and Frank Howard is supreme, they don’t make them like that anymore, fantastic facewear. I want to join the circus! Great pics

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