Aim High.

by Rosie Hardy

I like to set goals more than have New Year resolutions. I set myself challenges so I don’t float aimlessly through the year.

Form a Hoop Group: I’ve already set this one in motion, we’ve got a facebook page and I’m in the process of arranging our first meet in a dance studio. I’m really excited about it; hula hooping makes me feel amazing and its great to see other enjoying it too. So I’ve just got to continue making contacts and let it grow.

Perform a Hoop Act: I recognise that I’m doing quite well with my hoop dancing and its great that people enjoy watching me do something I love. So this year I will put together an act of some kind – most likely a hoop-tease.

Complete my PGC in Graphic Design for Health Care: I am excited about doing this, I just know its likely to be more trouble than its worth. I know I can do it and I’m determined to not let it stress me out. I feel unneccessary pressure sometimes when I think I’m being judged then it all goes to hell. So I will keep organised, not be last-minute and just get it done. It’s only a work thing!

Be more consistent with my illustration: Over the last year I’ve been all over the place with my art, learning how to sew has eased my guilt a little. This week I’ve done a couple of paintings, though not perfect it is starting to click again. I need to stop doing rough sketches and do more completed images, it makes it really hard to finish a picture if you can’t visualise the end product. So I have to struggle through the ugly messy ones to find what it is I like and can do.

I’m trying to fix my routine too, I can be a lazy bones at times. I find it far too easy to procrastinate.

Things I can do :

  • Get up earlier
  • Do my stretches every day
  • Drink more water
  • Eat more fruit
  • Do more excercise – on top of my hooping I want to run or go to a dance class once a week.
  • Throw out the clothes and junk I’ve been hording. generally tidy the hell up!

When I do all these I feel far more focused and happy. When I’m naughty a stay in bed too long and eat badly I feel lethargic. That’s when I fall into a cycle and I never get anything done.

Another thing, if I dont get an awesome tattoo this year I’ll be upset! its been too long!!


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