Sewing Project: a rather low cut floral dress.

The finished dress.


The idea came from the black top I’m wearing above; its gather on the shoulders and waist with a low V that crosses over. Its envelopes the shoulders nicely too, but that is a little too fancy when you haven’t got a pattern to follow! I like the cut of this top cause it shows the top of a tattoo I have without having boobs everywhere.

I don’t usually wear florals as I fear looking like a flower garden with the addition of my tattoos. As it was a small pattern and mostly black I thought I could get away with it and it’d help disguise the shoddy sewing! I had no idea what I was doing really. I cut bits out and gathered parts with elastic and finally stitched it together in a very strange and awkward order. For the whole £6 I spent on making it I think its pretty cute, but maybe I should stick to patterns – its less stressful!!

I spent a lot of time over Christmas watching war films, cheery I know! The Pacific and Pearl Harbour to name a couple with Band of brothers is next on the list. When I finished the dress something about it seemed to me to have a 40s feel to it, reminding me of the picture above. Maybe its the fabric more than anything, but I like that it hints at a vintage style. After all I like to have my own take on things and would rather not look like a granny.

Love xx

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