Be Unashamedly Yourself. x


C.C Askew

I was going to do a round-up of the year, but then I thought Why look back!? In the most part its been awesome. There has been some not so fun bits, but then I always know when something isn’t going to work out just right. There are always more chances for those who are willing to try.

Next year is going to be a hard on to balance out with everything I have planned, but I’m determined not to sacrifice my own goals for work commitments.

My mantra for the year…

Be Unashamedly Yourself. x

No making excuses or questioning myself. Don’t hold back, if it feels right do it! Something that has and will get me in trouble, but I’ll never regret a thing.

Maybe I’ll get Stop Procrastinating tattooed to the insides of my eye lids too.

Good bye 2010! It’s been fun xxx

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