Rorschach Tests

 I’ve always had an interest in psychology and how it relates to visual arts. I wanted to be an Art Therapist since I was in school. But there are two fields: art as therapy vs art for psychoanalysis. I think I believe the former more.

Anyway heres a bit of fun and maybe a bit of a challenge…

These are based on the Rorschach Inkblot test from the book The Redstone Inkblot Test, by Will Hobson. The article can be found here along with more inkblots.

I am really intrigue by this kind of thing, I don’t think there is any solid truth in what they reveal about your personality, but it is interesting to see the associations people make.  I can see most of the images described within the inkblots – I think all the years studying art has allowed me to look at things from different perspectives. That or I’m force fitting the descriptions with the inkblot because I’m being told to look for it. who knows!

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