Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

I’m feeling Festive this weekend! We’ve had tons of snow and its still falling as I write. I had planned to make a dress today, but with all the snow I thought it was best not to trek into town. Instead I had a short jaunt to the park to take some photos. I managed to use up the film that has been in my Olympus Trip for 6 months, so seeing what treasures hide on that will be a nice surprise!

The Rise & Fall of Ruby Woo.

It seems snow and red lipstick get me pretty excited!

I’m wearing Mac matt lipstick Ruby Woo, a nice 40’s pin-up shade and it matches the hat!  Coincidently The Puppini Sister have been contributing to my festive mood. They have a Christmas album that doesn’t make me want to kill! hurrah! I’ll be wrapping my presents while singing along badly to that.

And Finally What has made my weekend…I’ve gone through toe hell so I though my tootsies deserved a treat! They arent the usual “fuck me” shoes I go for, but they are cute as hell and comfy, plus make my feet look tiny. Definitely my new dancing shoes! They are by Miss L Fire really different vintage inspired shoes.

Love xx

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