What Is Your Medicine?

Well, I feel horrible, just like I’m sure everyone else does. I’m drowsy and the cat is running for cover every time I sneezing (she has already been caught in the firing line – poor kitty). So I was thinking I at least need to cure the winter blues if I can’t rid myself of the cold. So that means plenty of tea and drawing – as you can see. Followed by blankets and films on the sofa. Its doing the trick so far.

Another guilty pleasure I have is underwear! Shopping pretty lingerie never fails to take my mind off things. Unfortunately I’m having to exercise some self-control and not buying any till pay-day. Here is a couple of favourites…

Kiss Me Deadly

I’d be more than happy with anything from the Kiss Me Deadly site. Their vintage inspired suspender belts are the best! No more wonky seams for me!

Elle Macpherson Intimates

Elle Macpherson – lacy, classic and hot as hell in my opinion. What else would you want? I own the Artistry” bra – its my absoulte favourite and the above “Cupcake” is very similar.  I don’t usually stray away from black – being a bit of a goth at heart, but I think a subtle bit of red is allowed.

Well, that is all for now, I’ll no doubt find some more treasures before pay-day.

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5 Responses to What Is Your Medicine?

  1. leafprobably says:

    I’m thinking of buying myself some pretty under-things for Christmas – The Elle MacPherson range is awesome at the moment! They must bring out all their best stuff for Christmas!!

  2. bergere says:

    Chin up lady!

    Thought this would cheer you up, it’s one of Karoline Rerrie’s daring creations:


    Nurse Pussy soon sorts out the real men from the sullen self-consumed grubby little bi boys by design!

    Some lovely pretty illustrations on your blog, keep drawing, along with shopping, dancing and a good pair of boots, its the best therapy. More card designs soon please!


    • dahliaduroe says:

      Thank you! Karoline’s work is always so cute!

      I’m feeling considerably less diseased today. So there will be more illustrations to come and there is always shopping related pretties to share!


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