Monday Induced Rage.

I’m in a bit of a fury today! A bad nights sleep and its all gone wrong! Monday isn’t my favourite day as it is. I usually try to stay positive… today I’m just going to go with it. Stomp my feet, shout, fill myself with black coffee and maybe have a run or a dance to work it out.

I found out an old photo I took for this post. I took it over a year ago and was my first ever cross processed film. I was very lucky with the bunch of photos I got out of it. This one was taken in the Saatchi Gallery. The colours and the grain of the film really set off the sculpture. Even though it’s a static piece the arrangement of the pitch forks make it look dynamic. The moody photograph fits the feeling of today I think. It also reminded me I still have films to process – something I always get excited about, it’s always a bit of a surprise to see what I’ve actually taken. Getting back to my photography is yet another thing I have on my list of things to do. Someone just make me a housewife so I have time to be creative – I’m not cleaning though! 

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