Black Swan.

I’m really looking forward to seeing this film. I did Ballet for about a month, I’ll be starting again in the new year. I really admire the discipline of ballet dances, they make everything look so fluid and elegant when underneath it you need a lot of strength and excellent balance. Black Swan has brought a darker side to ballet by giving it a psychological thriller/horror twist. Which I’m hoping will remove the stiff, boring preconception most people have in favour of some drama. Still getting people to see a Ballet/Thriller may be a bit of a task. The costumes were designed by Laura and Kate Mulleavy the sisters behind the brilliant Rodarte. Colours were kept to black and white to show the polar opposites of the characters and  their attitudes.

The same limited colours have been used again in these posters to make strong silhouettes and have a slight Art Deco feel them. This vintage style is much more illustrative than the photographic mainstream posters. They draw you in and involve you a lot more, hinting at the dark theme and leave you wondering what will unfold. The intrigue these posters create is much more successful in my eyes than the ones that just spell it all out for you.


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