Hula Time!

photo by Terry Johnston

Last night I went to a hoop group close to where I live. I don’t know how I didn’t know it existed!  The lady leading it is about at the same level as me I think, but it was great to have someone to discuss and swap tricks with. So I will definitely be going back! I’ll still work on setting my own group as I know this one isn’t convenient for everyone. Last night the other girls were mainly beginners who I think I’ll be able to help teach a little.

 It did show I hadn’t being practising so much, I was a little clumsier than usual. Once I’ve recovered from my injured foot and get back to regular practises I’ll soon have my elegance back. Hopefully my foot wont stop me from going to the Leamington group on the 18th December, there was talk of fire hooping! I’m desperate to give it another so even though I was terrified the first time!

by Andrew Silvers of Silversfoto Design & Photography
Arent these girls amazing! I will look for videos when I get home. The girl on the left has fire fans – I’ve seen some really inspiring dances with these. Gives the old feather fan dances a kick in the arse! Christmas present maybe?
 I quite like their costumes too a little steampunk and trashy, but practically I couldn’t hula in that. not enough movement in corsets and tights just don’t work if you want to use your legs. The photo to the left of Kira Hula-la shows her wearing a much more practical outfit, its more glamorous and much like the burlesque costumes from “The Golden Age” (30s-40s). 

Kira Hula-la

I want to do a “hoop-tease” so I need a strippable costume; finding items and fabrics that work with hoop dancing is the major obstacle. I’m in the process of designing something so I’ll update soon.  


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