what makes my heart skip. x

I’ve been really hit and miss with my illustration and design work. not enough hours in the day and not enough creative discussion. I lose my enthusiasm if I havent got anyone to share my ideas with. I tend to get a slow “you are a bit odd” look from people. It’s a bit of a horrible cycle; the less I do, more it lacks quality and that puts a downer on it.

I need to keep my head in my book and in the blogs. I’ve the feeling I’m loosing touch and we can’t be having that now, can we? I love the little skip I feel when I see art/fashion/design that is really genius. It’s from seeing such strong work like that keeps me going.

I’ve brought a couple of travel size sketch books to keep in my bag and draw on the go like I used to. I’m going to make sure I do something creative everyday. Even if it’s as simple as sewing buttons and doing a rough sketch.

I havent been completely lazy though. I do think my watercolour/ink paintings have improved. Which was something that was important for me to do.

My aim for the next year is to concentrate on children’s and medical illustration along with graphic design. I want to bring the quality of my professional work up, I just need to remind myself that it doesn’t have to be separate from my personal stuff. I’m here 5 days a week I should be making it count.

These two blogs  are always an inspiration…



a fashion blogger that tells me what I want to hear…


some nice folky art and craft work…


A couple of artists I used to muse over in uni….



some lovely vintage photos…



And because there is always a healthy dose of tattoos that inspire me…


I think I’ve got carried away… I wont do this every time I look at something, promise. x

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