Mistress at a funeral.

I nearly forgot to blog the cape I made! I can’t take full credit; mum had to help with the collar and the fiddly bits on the lining. I’m really happy with it tho! I was a bit worried it’d be too ridiculous to wear in public… but I get away with it. I do look like a mistress at a funeral tho which seems to becoming a regular look for me. I’m blaming winter and my love for black and red. i think the brooch works really well with the cape. I picked it up at a car boot sale, it was on a long thin chain and looked a little lost. So I got the glue gun out and stuck it to a clasp. much better.

I’m going to try to make a few simple things now I’m getting the hang of things. I’ll learn a bit more through my own mistakes than getting my mum to fix it. I’ll just have to use cheaper fabric, just in case!

When it gets cold the embroidery seems to come out too so I’ll hopefully be getting a couple of little project finished soon. I  should be making the most of my time now I’m not hooping so often.


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