Hair Day

I have no idea what I’m doing with my hair lately so every day is a bit of an experiment! Photobooth on my mac is overloaded me doing strange things to my face!

I keep attempting pin curls, I wake up with nice smooth curls but the brushing out is an absolute nightmare! Black hair is difficult to photograph in bad light, but this is my best attempt.  Proper fifties fluff! The in progress picture was the best I looked like a poodle!

I’ve made friends with hot rollers now. I’m still playing with different arrangements, but it’s definitely the simplest way to fix my hair. zero effort! MAC got me again… Girl About Town…I brought this amazing pink lipstick to make a change from the reds. Its fun to trash it up a little with black smokey eyes too when I’m a feeling a little less vintage.

Extremely quick victory roll! I think I’m about getting it right! less Minnie Mouse than my other attempts!

Then I eventually left the house….

The bristle brush I brought is making my life easier when smoothing out curls. I’m still trying everything to fight the frizz, no amounts of mouse, serum, wax or hairspray seem to last.  They did help hold the curl better tho… so rule is paste myself in the stuff! I’ll keep on trying! One day I’ll come back home with the same pretty hair I left with…

So that is that for my hair ramblings. I’m off to have some photos of my tattoos taken now… thats another story. xx

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