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Hair Day

I have no idea what I’m doing with my hair lately so every day is a bit of an experiment! Photobooth on my mac is overloaded me doing strange things to my face! I keep attempting pin curls, I wake up with … Continue reading

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Daily Drawings: Thinking Ink.

Today’s sketches…quickly drawn and coloured in photoshop. I spent most of today drawing, its been such a long time since I’ve done it. No wonder I felt my work was going down hill! I’m determined to keep it up though. … Continue reading

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Project Vamp

Me and my photographer friend, Allan are working on a little modeling/photography project. I did get over excited with research and throw a few too many sources at him, but we’ve narrowed it down to doing a Elle Von Unwerth inspired shoot. … Continue reading

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For the Old Lady…

So, I finished mums painting… I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it. I like finer lines (forgot I had no Indian Ink so had to use paint) I wont pick at it though! I’m glad I got it … Continue reading

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Daily Drawings: Power cuts are good for something.

Got into work Monday morning to find my part of the office had no power and no one felt like fixing it for 2 hours, kinda a problem when you are a graphic designer… So to fill my time I … Continue reading

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All in a days work…

Or a weeks… This is the illustration I’ve been doing for a doctor which has been ruining my life. Its going in a medical journal which is a bit fancy. Shame I’ve hated doing it. Have I mentioned I cant … Continue reading

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