Things to feel good about!

I’ve been feeling a little deflated and could see myself getting stuck in a rut if I let myself dwell. So I’ve decided to do what I do best and write a list, Just to spell it out to myself why I should cheer up!!

  • I’ve got my own flat, with friendly faces close by. I’m really enjoying living there and putting my messy mark on things.
  • I’ve got a job doing something related to my degree. Which I’m pushing  in my own direction. Who knows where I’ll end up,but this is a good start!
  • I start my Graphic Design for Health Care course in January. yes it’d going to hard work, but it will benefit me.
  • I’m learning to sew and I’ve got a stack of things I’m planning to make a lot cheaper than  TopShop and Urban Outfitters!
  • I’m trying french again, maybe I’ll run away to Paris…. I can dream.
  • I’m developing my hula hooping, I’ve now done a performance of sorts and I’m in the process of organising hula hoop classes. The next step is to put down solid ideas for burlesque routines.
  • Saturday I’m going to Dr.Sketchys, good for my drawing and my dancing research… and I’ll have a jolly good time!
  • I’ll soon be seeing all the old house mates again! I’m more that looking forward to the boozy reunion!

Well that has definitely got me out my miserable puddle! simple method, but it’s sure as hell woken up my ambition.

Now I better get some work done… naughty naughty!


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