Poser Pete…

My attempt at summer dressing… and still I paste myself in black. I was stood at the side of the motor way dressed like this, while my friend changed a tire. Pure cheesecake! It was begging for a hitch hiking pin up pose! but I was already having trouble keeping my modestly so thought best not draw more attention to myself.

I’ve been considering getting a bob… I think I may go for it! I had a play with my hot rollers and pinned under the ends for a cute curly faux bob (please ignore my my plain face and PJs, its nearly bed time after all). Or maybe I’ll just continue to fake it! we will see if I can combat my indecision.  oh and the mannequin to my side there is wearing the bodice of my Laura Ashely dress… Which to my annoyance is a size to small, sadly I’m a fan or breathing or it’d be fine. Luckily I’ve extra material and from what I can tell the skirt is fine. so it’ll be take two for the top half…

Just realized these are the first pictures of my new flat! still no pictures up on the walls just a lot of creative mess lying about! One thing at a time…

Bonne nuit mes petits amis…
I’ve been practicing my french too this evening… x.x
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