Sew, Draw, Paint…

Something fun I did quickly today

Its time I got things moving again… I seem to have got stuck in my hula hoop for the past month. Not that there is a problem with that; I’ve stacked up some good tricks. But I have neglected my dear paint brushes and we can’t be having that now.

So I’ve been making lists to keep all my ideas in check…

  • Draw Every Day: It doesn’t matter what it is or how good  as long as I’m making marks. This will hopefully give my painting a kick start. I could do with a reminder of how to finish work.
  • I plan to update my blog every week with my creative developments and little gems of inspiration I’ve come across.
  • I’m going to be more pro-active with my graphic design; people in the hospital have low standards and will accept boring designs, which I can’t stand! If the clients aren’t going to challenge me, I’ll have to do it myself. So I’m going to collect together department work and make a portfolio of the strong work we’ve done. Put together design work that inspires me and take myself out of my comfort zone to produce better work. I’m trying to develop my anatomical drawing too so I can have better examples to show clients as most aren’t aware that is a service I can provide, I’m fed up of being brought bad clip art!

Mondays Drawings

Little Challenges…

  • make my dress
  • finish taping my hula hoops
  • put things on eBay
  • decorate my lamp shade
  • hang my picture (I’ve recently moved to a new flat!)
  • collect together photographic inspiration for a modeling project I’m planning.
  • sew!
  • draw!
  • paint!…

I have a lot to keep me busy… I just hope I can keep up with all these ideas that have got me so excited!


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